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 Core Structure worksheet #14

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Chris Solanoツ (Mod)
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Novice Contributor
Chris Solanoツ (Mod)

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Core Structure worksheet #14 Empty
PostSubject: Core Structure worksheet #14   Core Structure worksheet #14 EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 9:27 pm

Hey guys! this is my first thread created on this site and my first step in proving im a worthy moderator ;D

Core structure worksheet #14 basiclly asks to evaluate how the Renaissance humanism "Humanists" helped Catholic and Protestant reformers durring the Reformation through their views and beliefs.

What ideas do you guys have about this question and what do you believe helped the reformation occur because of the Renaissance humanism.

-Remember, this thread was created to help others who come to this site for help and ideas!!
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Smells Like Teen Bonaparte
Smells Like Teen Bonaparte

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Core Structure worksheet #14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Core Structure worksheet #14   Core Structure worksheet #14 EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 9:52 pm

Hmm... you'll have a shot on Monday for mod.

Anyways, humanism was totally shown around the Protestant/Catholic-Counter Reformation. Remember that a branch of humanism was going back to ancient cultures and antiquities for direction and advice. Luther did just that in his phrase, 'sola scriptura'. He insisted the Bible as the sole source of authority. Does that ring a bell from Renaissance humanism: using ancient texts as a modern basis for thought and opinion?

Humanism also wanted to glorify the individual as well, also known as individualism. The Catholic Reformation showed that in its infuence of baroque art. It was made to appeal to the viewers's senses and touch their emotions. For those of you who pay attention in class, as Mr. Stip eloquently phrases it, "it just makes you want to say, 'Jesus, I love you...'".

On a side note, remember that there is a difference between the Catholic Reformation and the Counter Reformation. The Catholic Reformation was meant to reform the Church in its entirety by reaffirming its doctrines and reforming its practices. The Counter Reformation was a response to the growing threat of Protestantism in Europe. I don't have any real specific proof in my head at the time as support, but I do think that the Counter Reformation was the more major factor in bringing back most of Europe to Catholicism. Again, that's just my opinion...
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Core Structure worksheet #14
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