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 Core Structure WS #21

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Core Structure WS #21 Empty
PostSubject: Core Structure WS #21   Core Structure WS #21 EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 4:27 pm

Core Worksheet #21

FRQ: Analyze the influence of the theory of mercantilism on the domestic and foreign policies of France.

The theory of Mercantilism influences the domestic and foreign policies of France. Mercantilism relied on the exports to reach other countries. Colbert goal was to bring gold and wealth into the country, The French East India Company helped increase the impact of Mercantilism. This system was about the trade and economy and showing the policies that had influence them to reach.

Topic Sentences

1. Mercantilism relied on other countries exports and their exports traveled to be sold.

2. Jean Baptist Colbert created the system Mercantilism to supply the country with gold

3. The French East India Company was organized to help on the impact of Mercantilism.

Factual Info

Topic 1:

a. they exported their own goods to other lands and earn money, gold, from their sale of their products.

b. The nation’s policy Bullionism was much of their ideal policy to have flowing money of gold and silver.

c. In 1683, France was Europe’s leading industrial.

d. Colbert’s accomplishment was developing the merchant marine.

Topic 2:

a. Colbert succeeded to create France’s vast overseas empire.

b. HE organized factories to produce porcelains and other luxury items.

c. He granted Government to support monopolies in certain industries

d. He reduced or tried to abolish internal tariffs, creating the Five Great Farms, which were large custom free regions.

Topic 3:

a. it was organized to compete against the Dutch.

b. It limited access in part of excessive government control and a lack of interest.

c. Louis, in the 1680s controlled the trading post in India, slave trading in the west coast Africa, and several islands of the Caribbean

d. this was also organized to strike back at the Dutch.

Clincher Sentence:

1. To succeed as a worldwide industry, mercantilism looked at exporting goods to other countries and making a sale of the products.

2. Colbert designed mercantilism so France was in the money making of gold, trading, and economic.

3. The French East India Company was organized to help benefit mercantilism in trading.

Concluding sentence

Overall, the theory of mercantilism brought wealth and the trading to a higher status of France as the country. This system brought by Colbert made a beneficial change and influence to the domestic and foreign policies of France. It relied on the exports, goals of economy and trade, and the organized of the French East India Company. It all brought together the domestic and foreign influences to France.

*This question was difficult. I hope it helps you to study!!

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Core Structure WS #21
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