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 Core Structure WS #20

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Core Structure WS #20 Empty
PostSubject: Core Structure WS #20   Core Structure WS #20 EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 4:25 pm

Paulina Lim
Period 3


THESIS: Louis XIV stressed the idea of an absolute ruler and the "divine right" of kings. He organized society so that he can rule successfully without any competition. To do that he reorganized government, religious policies, and declared war that would extend his power and authority.


1. Louis XIV organized the government so that he would not lose power. With his authority, Louis XIV appointed his own trusted chief ministers in government.

2. Towards religious policies, Louis XIV established himself as head of the French church, in doing so he limitied the popes power nad excercise.

3. The results of Louis XIV's declarance for war, brought both beneficial chances towards France and a negative impact.

1 a. Louis XIV continued intendent system.

b. Checked powers of French institutions.

c. Controlled over peasantry

d. started the law of Corvee that put peasants to work under Louis XIV

2 a. Louis XIV anti-calvinist

b. Rejected and banned all Calvinists ideas.

c. Created Edict of Fountainbleau

d. Suppoted Jansentits.

3 a. Wars brought balance.

b. France became in debt.

c. France expanded its authority over territory won.

d. French economy decreased.


1. King Louis XIV was an all absolute ruler. He did not favor sharing his power or competition. In order to keep his power and maintain his authority he reorganized the government so that all government officials would literary be working for him, under his command and eye.

2. To keep the religion stable and strict Louis XIV limited the pope's power and authority over the church, he also banned and executed all Calvanists.

3. Wars declared by Louis XIV impacted France in both negative and positive ways.But the main declaration of war for Louis XIV was to expand his power more.


- King Louis XIV's view of his social status was molded and mapped out to him with the help of Cardinal Mazarin and Richelieu. He ruled in the right of God, he believed that his position was appointed to him from God and that he is and all absolutis ruler. He establsihed order so that not one person would over come him and his throne. By doing so, he had sole authority and power over society and government.

Martin Luther overlooked this when he was blabbing about salvation through faith alone...
14 What does it profit, my brethren, if a man says he has faith but has not works? Can his faith save him? 17... faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead. 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he offered his son Isaac upon the altar? 23...the scripture was fulfilled... 26 For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.
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Core Structure WS #20
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