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 Basic Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Forum Rules   Basic Forum Rules EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 11:21 pm

First off, I wanna say thanks for using this site to ask for help. You guys are doing an awesome job answering each others' questions, even though I've been jumping in every so often Basic Forum Rules Icon_razz But I've got to jump to the point:

1. Check the other topics that have an "X" in it: those are resolved questions that still have some good answers in it. Please don't go asking the same question every 10 minutes. You can bump a thread if you want.

2. Make sure you don't use this forum to chat... there's a chatbox already. We don't monitor the chatbox, much less care about what you're talking about in there, just don't talk on here, mmkay?

3. Don't post your thread titles in CAPS, please. That's only the privilege of admins/mods. We'll delete any caps threads that aren't ours.

I'll think of more to post later on. You guys make the problems, I tell you guys to stop on here. Basically that's what this sticky's for. You get a cookie for reading this~

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Basic Forum Rules
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