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 Something stupid...

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PostSubject: Something stupid...   Something stupid... EmptyThu Sep 17, 2009 11:23 pm

Yeah, I just felt like implementing a 'posts rank system' on the site. Maybe it'll stir up some competition between you guys for top poster on the forums. If you guys look at topics you've posted on, check your name, and what's under it. Most of you guys will have the title "Novice Contributor". Keep posting, and see how much it takes to climb up the ladder... for the especially noticing, check out Akber already. For the even more noticing, I'm not on the ranks because I'm 'Papal Supremacy!'Laughing

Oh yeah, I wanna bring up one more thing. If you're a really competitive poster (Gene, hmm...?) and you want to see how you're doing against everyone else, go to the site's home page. Near the bottom, click "Overall Top 20 Posters" or something like that. There'll be a list of the especially awesome contributors on the site.

Happy posting! Maybe I'll give out titles to the top posters...?
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PostSubject: Ap Euro made into a game?   Something stupid... EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 1:23 am

Well the ranks seem like its a big fun game Very Happy anyways i think you guys should post the rank list or something but i guess its just a little thing so the ranks dont have to be posted but its a little nice thing to have if there was a list or i guess we just have to post more things and find out what the ranks are ourselves anyways it makes you want to stay active in the forums and discuss often and ask for help when u need it to raise your level

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Something stupid...
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